Steroids and heart complications

Study shows that Anabolic Steroid users are neglecting the severe health risks posed by usage of the enhancing drugs. Such health hazards include failure of the reproductive system, causes of some types of cancer, liver failure, and an increase of aggressiveness and also cardiovascular diseases which in turn may lead to heart attack.

The increase in the number of people using steroids has increased since everyone wants that extra edge and push not realizing the dangers they submit their organs to everyday. Some visible signs of overuse of legal steroids include shrunken testicles and overdeveloped muscles.

Damaged heart muscles and thickened arteries can lead to heart attack. The heart is forced to pump more times than normal to meet the demand of the muscles due to over aggressiveness and hyper conditions of Anabolic Steroid users.

Aggressiveness may lead to violent behaviors increasing chances of self-destruction and sometimes this leads to paranoia and suicidal thoughts. Being violent poses a danger to others due to lack of control and the rush from the usage of steroids.

Severe cases of heart attacks have been reported worldwide, and those who are lucky enough to survive shows a different side of legal steroids. Development of bones is also compromised with the effort of gaining more muscles.

Working out for hours with the help of steroids make the naïve think there are in the best shape and health Contrary to study and research. Extensive workouts overwork the body’s organs, and it is only a matter of time before heart attack strikes.

Legal steroids have a significant effect on mass gain and development of muscles, but it comes with such a price. Aggressiveness leads to one feeling macho and constantly in senseless fights. The same adrenaline rush can turn a level headed human one depressed and obsessed and adding one more to the suicide victims. Steroids mess with human’s moods leading fueled by aggression.

Making of Anabolic Steroid include the use of raw materials including hormone powder benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate. The ratio of the mixture is vital. Benzyl benzoate is a solvent and the hormone powder dissolves easily in it. Benzyl benzoate is used for preservation without the reduction of sterility. Use of the alcohol in a higher dosage can make the hormones dissolve, and that’s why usage of the right ratios.

Legal steroids assist in the production of androgen from the ovaries and adrenal glands in women. The hormones help the growth of hair and manage the functions of organs in the reproductive systems.

Certain compounds cause discomfort when injected in high concentration. Oral legal steroids solution are mixed in a perfect ration and shaken up before use. Oral steroids are available in capsules. Capsule steroids require more attention and analysis depending on the compounds being used. The filler substance for the steroid must be stable not to react with the steroid compounds.

Legal steroids were developed chemically in the 1930s, and it was believed steroids were used in world war increasing the aggressiveness of the soldiers. Russian weightlifters used steroids at the time. One of the weightlifters called John zigler used developed steroids on himself since then there has been an outburst of usage and abuse of steroids.

Heart problems are inevitable with the overwork of the heart muscles courtesy of legal steroids.

Using Aerobic Songs to Get fit – Focus on 4 Goals when Picking

In the same way that there is no best form of exercise for everyone, there is no way to decide the best aerobic music to listen to. The heart rate needs to rise; so, it makes sense to listen to tracks that are going to encourage movement and at a speed that will have an affect on the heart. As there are 4 different aspects of aerobic exercise, it makes sense to look for 4 different types of music to listen to throughout the activity.

Top 4 Goals and Choosing the Music:

  • The large muscle groups need to be used and this will be repetitive actions. As they will also have to be repeated a lot, the music selected should fit in with this.
  • The program must be followed every other day or so, so the music should be tracks that are enjoyed and you are prepared to listen to that often.
  • Goals will have probably been chosen by someone else- usually a doctor – so it is important to have some personal input and select the music.
  • It needs to be safe to do for so long, so tracks at the beginning and end should reflect warming up and winding down.

Keep Safe

Enjoying loud and fast aerobic music can be fine when listening from the comfort of a chair, but when used as part of a work out, can lead to excessive action. Some of the ones that will be best for all will be:

  • Walking – headphones on and away you go.
  • Swimming – here it is going to be someone else’s choice of music, unless you have waterproof equipment to use to listen to it.
  • Cycling – while tempting to turn up the volume, when cycling it may be better to keep it down to make sure you can hear everything going on around you.
  • Aerobic Dance – at home or in a dance studio, you will be able to have the volume as loud or low as is comfortable.

Tracks to Choose

As most dancing, will be carried out at under 128 BPM, to get the heart beat up, the tracks used must be around 135 BPM. There are many tracks that fall into this bracket and with a good mixture of old and new, there are bound to be plenty that are available and you will want to listen to. By getting to this level, it will mean the body will be moving faster than it would for other levels. A few fast tempo tracks should do a lot more good than additional tracks at a lower tempo.

  • Michael Jackson – I Would Die for You. This is a great track to start with and will get you in the mood for the rest of the session.
  • The Killers – Human. It will be hard to listen to this track and not begin to move. It is one that you will not get bored of so can play several times each session.
  • Abba – Does Your Mother Know. Regardless of how many times this is played it will not get old. It is as popular now as it was when it was first released many years ago.

It will be easy to put together your own soundtrack, but if you like a wide range of aerobic music, it may be preferable to buy one that has been selected purely for this sort of workout. The main thing to check is the length of the tracks. They may lead the workout lasting longer than was expected or longer than is good for you.