Palmers Lodge Has Classy Hostels for Group Travelers

Group travel can be so enjoyable and rewarding if it’s properly planned. Picking the right accommodation service is one of the key things to add to your travel plan. If you want to come to London, call Palmers Lodge to learn more about its room service. Although there are numerous accommodation properties, Palmers Lodge is among the best hostels in london. It is a B&B lodging facility with advanced services and facilities. Another point to note about this lodge is that it possesses two hostels. These include Swiss Cottage and Hillspring Lodge. The one designated for Group travelers is Hillspring Lodge.

What is a group booking?

According to Palmers Lodge, a group booking is one that consists of more than fifteen people. This is a group big enough to occupy a mini-coach. Hence, if you expect to travel in a big group, you can book a place to sleep now on Palmers Lodge website. You might ask about the gender in terms of room occupation.

The lodge can provide accommodation based on your personal preferences. If you want to sleep in a single dormitory altogether, all you have to do is ask. The Hillspring Lodge has females-only dormitories. Thus, you can split the group so that males and females can sleep separately.

The right time to book

Palmers Lodge bookings can be done all through the year. Nevertheless, you can book cheaply by making a reservation a whole month prior to the trip. If you do this, you will receive a detailed quote with a clear breakdown of all the advantages you will get as a group. As well as getting a lower fee, early booking allows all the deposits to be collected on time.

Group Deposits

A ten percent deposit is required for group reservations. The deposit should be paid three weeks after a booking is confirmed. About a month before your arrival at Palmers Lodge, you will be asked to pay the full amount. There is a security deposit of 150 pounds that will be collected on arrival. This money is refundable in full if none of the facility’s items are damaged during the group’s stay. For groups, payment methods include cheque, bank transfer, credit card and debit card.

Catering service for groups

Palmers Lodge has so many hostels. As a result, it has begun a packed lunch meal service. Each packed lunch is provided at a very affordable rate. As well, the meal is extremely delicious and there is a variety of cuisines to pick from. If you want to avoid wasting time by eating outside, you can opt to buy ready lunches and served dinner. There is a huge kitchen at Hillspring Lodge. If you can do self-catering, there is every kitchen appliance you might use.

Other imperative matters

As the top provider of best hostels in london, Palmers Lodge provides assistance with issues relating to your group trip. In other words, you can get tickets to various functions in London. Whether you want to attend games, music concerts or cinema shows at the local theatres, Palmers Lodge can get you tickets.

If you are planning to travel with school children, Hillspring is the best lodge for them. All the same, let the lodge know beforehand that you wish to travel with kids under twelve years. Note that there is no maximum group size the lodge can take. There is enough living area for any number of guests.

When the day to check in finally comes, be ready with the full names of your group members. As well, your full contact details, including your leadership ID, will be necessary if you are the group leader. Finally, keep in mind that there are five coach parking lots at Palmers Lodge Hillspring Lodge and Swiss Cottage.

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