Worrying about the care of our elders is essential so that they do not feel alone and are well cared for. But what do we choose to be taken care of by a residence or a caregiver at home? As our father and/or mother become older, they need more and more care and we lack time to be able to attend as they merit. At this moment, in many families, the question what is the best option, a home carer or a residence? Click here to see more!


Most families believe that it is the best option for their elders is a residence that, apart from being well cared for, will have a good social and fun life with other people of their age. However, we do not count on the fact that most people who reside there need a lot of care and, as the disease or dementia is more serious, they are less communicative. This means that they cannot enjoy good social relations as would be the case of a Casal for grandparents, where everyone plays and performs various activities to have fun. See here!

In addition, we must not forget that, in many cases, the staff is scarce and insufficient for the number of elderly people residing in the residence. This causes that the grandfather is not as attended as we would like and, in some cases, causes disorientation. So, in which cases is it recommended to resort to a residence and why?

  • When our family member has a very high degree of illness or dementia and they need excessive care.
  • Residences have spaces that are very adapted for wheelchair-bound people, making it much easier for them every day. For example, the toilets are wide and the corridors are free of any obstacle that may hinder the passage.
  • The showers are very wide; this ensures a daily cleaning much easier. At home, it is more complicated and easier to suffer a fall.
  • The inmate will have health care at any time he requests, for 24 hours, day and night.
  • The inmates in a residence are surrounded by people who are in situations similar to them, so they can socialize a bit, depending on the degree of their illness.

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Do not you want to separate yourself from your family member because you can spend a few hours a day? Do you go on vacation and do not want to leave your senior unattended? The old man does not want to leave his house? So, the best option is home care, hiring what you need, either 24 hours, all day, at night or just a couple of hours.

The advantages

Grandpa does not have to leave home, this allows him not to break his routine or start a life from scratch. You will receive a completely personalized attention by a socio-health professional. They will help the elderly in housework: they prepare the food according to their diet, they will worry about taking the medications, they will help with the daily cleaning and, even, they will accompany them to make the purchase and other messages. The caregiver will give you all the company and love that the elder of the home deserves. You can know firsthand who takes care of your loved one, so you can be sure that you get the care you need.

The caregiver will keep the older person fully physically active with a simple walk or some activities adapted to what they need. For additional information see here! A smile, a gesture that conveys happiness, love, and affinity, a sincere gesture, in danger of extinction with eyes that shine full of emotion, at home care Austin we look for those loving smiles, really, that comes from within to fill great people with love.


Smiling costs nothing, a sincere smile that comes from the heart helps to cope with any problem.


Most psychologists agree that smiling and laughing can change the character and mood of the person, as well as how to face any problem. For that reason, in-home care Austin we give smiles to the elderly every day to offer the company, so that they never feel alone and, thus, steal smiles that they did not even know they had on their lips. What we have for you, you can see here! When we choose the caregivers we offer, we select them with an empathetic, sincere, patient and, above all, affectionate and always smiling personality.


“I’m going to kiss you on the face until your smile breaks”

“Smile to life and she will smile back”

“Undress our smile to celebrate life”

“Forgive the unpunctuality; I would have loved to arrive before your life”

“The smile is mine, but the author is you”

“The smile is the best hug that your lips can give”

At home care Austin “We have become addicted to caregivers who make smiles”


We recommend that you sit down the whole family, the grandfather included, to assess the best option for everyone, but above all for the eldest of the household. Let it be he who decides where he wants to spend his days: at home or in a residence. To do this, we must take into account what our elder wants and what needs he has and, above all, what kind of illness he suffers. This way we will make sure that we choose the option that guarantees the best possible quality of life, trying to maintain its autonomy to the maximum.


Of course! Caregivers are not only for the home, they can also offer their services in residences, hospitals or others to prevent the elderly from feeling alone. It is said that both in residences and at home, the worst enemy of our elders is loneliness that is why a supportive caregiver is the best option. Want to see them watch out for them here.