What to Expect with IT Managed Services

When setting up your business you may decide that the area that you have the most issues with is the IT department. It could be that you do not have a great deal of expertise and are not able to pay for the top level of IT workers, but still want to have a successful department. At times like this you will be able to turn to an organisation who will take on this role for you. If you are a small or medium sized business, you can have a vCIO – virtual Chief Information Officer – and this means they will take over the running of your IT service.

A CIO could be hired to deal with it managed services, but then you will have one person who is highly qualified to help you. With a vCIO there will be an entire team able to deal with any of the functions that need to be performed. They will be with you from the beginning and can even advise as to what system should be installed in the first place. You need to work closely with them to make sure they are aware of your plans and ethics, and set you up on the road to success.

Once the boundaries have been set, they will be able to set in place a strategy that will make sure that your systems are always running correctly and the latest software is always installed. It would be easy to forget to renew licenses when you are running the whole show alone, but with it managed services, all of this will be taken care of for you.  Knowing the budget in advance will also make it easier when it comes to allocating funding to other aspects of the company. While you have someone looking after your IT provision for you, you can work towards increasing productivity and profit. Delegation should never be seen as a weakness, but simply placing the work in the hands of the people who are most capable of dealing with it.

Remote Support – There’s No Limit

Using a company that has its own software is going to be ideal. The users will be fully coherent with all aspects of it and you can benefit from the work that has been put in. to begin with you will find that you have a totally personalised approach to the way you are dealt with and the processes in place allow the issues you must be dealt with in real time. Once you have sent n a ticket, it will not sit in a queue until someone becomes available to help you but will be aided right away.


Thanks to the Swift Ticket Resolution Centre, a fully trained technician will be able to start work on resolving the problem. It is in our interest to keep you trading and making a profit as when you are successful, it will help us to be successful. The more successful you are, the higher revenue there will be for both of us.

Secure Data Storage

All your data will be encrypted as it is vital that data is kept secure. There is no one other than the person sending data and the person meant to be receiving it that will set eyes on the information. It is a must that you should be offered the option of having the information backed up and kept in a totally secure data centre. For added security look for an it managed services company that has a back-up power system so that a power cut will not affect your trading.