Different types of riding boots available at equestrian store Toronto

When you want to ride horses, you will have to wear boots. The main reasons why you should have them is to ensure your safety when you are near the horses and stables. The boots offers a layer of protection at the feet in case the horse does step at its rider.  When you visit the equestrian store torronto to get the boosts,  you should keep in mind the following  tips to ensure that you go home with the right pair of boots that are still  on fashion and functional.

You will find three types of boots, they are field, English and western boots. The western boosts will contain a higher heel compared to the English boosts. Tall English riding boot is normally found with the dressage ring and in many English riding event.  Field boot is the same as English riding boots but they have the lace up. The field boot is normally seen during the hunter show ring.

English riding boot is somehow tall.  If you are choosing English riding boots, you should look for the pair that has the zipper up to its back. This makes the boots easy in putting on or taking off.

The solid leather boots is preferred and it is less expensive since it is made with the leather at a lower half of a boot and on the upper half of the vinyl. Leather boots can last longer and it will be taken to the shoe shop repair when it is required.

The boots should have small tread that will add some traction. The outlining and stable area can be somehow muddy. They can add the traction in order to prevent any fall. The heavy tread make it hard to slide at the foot out of a stirrup.

Riding boots do have at least 1 and 1 ½ inch heel. This is used to prevent the foot against slipping because of the stirrup.  Larger heel may cause a wearer in losing her or his balance.

The rubber boots should be used to muck out the stalls. The rubber boots may be hosed off so that the grime can be removed. Leather boots are not recommended to be worn while doing this.
Children should wear a paddock or a Jodhpur in the show ring. They are ankle boots which are available in zip style, pull on or lace up. There are some adults who can wear them on the barn or with the half chaps to enjoy everyday riding.

If you want to enjoy the boots from equestrian store toronto more you should have the boots custom made. The custom made boots will be fitting your feet better and the lower leg even better compared to the standardized sizing and they will be worth your money especially if you ride three times every week.
Besides the right boots, you should also buy the right leather. It has many safety benefits since the low quality leather will tend to stretch and to break if the holes are enlarged. It is also beneficial when it comes to achieve the right comfort.

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