Keeping on Top of Sales Reports and Targets

If a company that relies on sales finds that they are drying up, there are clearly problems ahead. One of the first things to look at will be the workforce responsible and considering whether or not they are prepared for the job they must do. The onus should not be purely on them, but there should be clear guidelines in place regarding what is expected of them and also what help is there to enable them to succeed.

There must be plenty of motivation given, and not just an unacceptable work load passed on. Whatever they do, they must be fairly compensated or it is likely that the better reps may decide that their future lies elsewhere. If you can convince them of their worth and what working for the company will bring them, and if they are happy and confident to buy into the concept, a profitable time lies ahead for both the business and them.

Using Anaplan

Once Anaplan has been installed it will be possible to start planning the sales strategy within the overall vision of the company. No more working in isolation and hoping that the overall plan will work. Certainly there is no more trying to increase sales while trying to work out which spread sheet you should be using and moving between system to system. A system should work to cut down work and save time, not the other way around.


When working in a sales environment some of the biggest issues faced by executives will be: –

  • Getting sales plans to the rest of the company in time. If no one else knows what you are doing, it could hinder them when it comes to setting up their own plans.
  • Ensure that your sales forecast is as accurate as possible, and any risks identified.
  • Accuracy in all areas will be expected, but especially when it comes to crediting, calculation, and incentive compensation.

Why Connect with the Anaplan Platform?

Forecasting is a vital and the best way to do this is by receiving up beat, state of the art data and this will need to come from throughout the company and not just the sales team. When you are the one armed with the information you will be able to drive the company forward, provide information to others without taking up too much time, and allow the reps to do what they wanted to increase their figures and be more productive.

Sending vital data to sales staff frees them up from chasing information and allows them to look for more business safe in the knowledge that they know where they are with their current work. Any problems should be flagged up right away so they can always be on top of things.

A major talking point is the built-in modeling engine meaning that sales staff can pre-empt issues as well as consider the best solution for whatever befalls them. Having all of this information available allows team leaders to immediately have the data they need without having to ring around or search in numerous locations.

Benefits of Real Time Data

So far it has mainly been time that has been discussed, but there will also be a major financial benefit. Managers can allocate resources to areas other than data collection and feel safe in the knowledge that targets are being hit and there will be very few if any last-minute panics. Commitments will now be worth the paper they are written on and the financial side of selling will always be up to date and easy for everyone to understand.

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