Golfing Accessories- How To Choose & Use Fit Golf Gloves

You may have noticed on TV that most of the golfers use gloves while playing in the golf course. These are commonly known as golf gloves and considered as one of the important golf equipments. Rather thinking it fits properly, choosing the right golf gloves involves some other things too. It’s important that the gloves should fit correctly. An improperly fitted glove can result in an improper shot occasionally. Therefore, there are some key factors that will make you sure that you have a perfect fit. Through this article I will try to throw light on fitting process and some other common errors in this regard.
This first common mistake that you can observe in the course is that the most of the golfers use a glove that is too big. Majority of the golfer tend to have comfortable fitting while putting on the gloves. Comfort is the desired result of mental habit. In golf, comfortable fitting of glove is regarded with a single word ‘snug’. It’s a wrong fit to pull the gloves away from your fingers or palm. The fitted glove should fit like a second skin and your fingers should go through the end of the glove. If your glove is too big and goes on too easy, it’s hard to get on it perfectly.
When putting on a glove, a little struggle is perfect. Beside the perfect fit, there is another thing that will let you know if your golf glove is right. It is how the tab fits the Velcro. It goes all the way across if you bring the tab over, in case the glove is too big. The tab must reach to the beginning of the Velcro pad. Therefore, it is perfect to choose little tough glove as it will give you a second skin feel. Loose and too big golf glove is wrong.