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Make sure to take chainsaw safety serious

The chainsaws are some tools specially designed to perform tasks related to deforestation and vegetation pruning. Due to their characteristics, these devices greatly facilitate this kind of tasks, as they are high-quality tools, manufactured with resistant materials and with a high efficiency. Likewise, chainsaws are also distinguished by providing an excellent quality/price ratio, so without the need to spend a large amount of money, we can enjoy a chainsaw of first quality, effective for domestic or professional work. They are composed of a motor that moves a toothed chain placed on a bar or sword. Depending on the engine and the characteristics of the wood that you are going to cut, we will find different types of chainsaws. But the fact is that the chainsaw can be dangerous too at times if you do not take proper maintenance, so take chainsaw safety serious.

Keeping in mind this issue to take chainsaw safety serious, we have mentioned the following things, so that everyone who uses it keeps and take chainsaw safety serious. It is vital that anyone using a chainsaw either on or off the ground is provided with protective gear. No matter how experienced the operator chainsaws are potentially lethal. A vast range of chainsaw safety equipment on the market makes it relatively easy to improve safety when handling these dangerous tools. Make sure you go through the chainsaws manual and follow the guidelines for maintenance and operation. In order to take chainsaw safety serious below is a list of chainsaw equipment you should own in order to protect yourself or your workforce.

  1. Chainsaw Boots

Chainsaw boots include firm layers of a protective material combined with a reinforced ankle, metatarsal and Achilles tendon areas to reduce the chance of cutting through. The chainsaw boots should have a leather lace-up style and ideally with many layers of Kevlar for protection. Some chainsaw boot models also incorporate ballistic grade nylon for cut protection and have protective guarding at the front and instep. A good rule of thumb is to purchase the best pair you can afford.

  1. Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw trousers should be layered with special fabrics to provide maximum protection to those who work with a chainsaw. Chainsaw trousers are made with a durable outer layer and an inner layer of loose, long fibers. Should the chainsaw trousers be cut into the special fibers jam and shred the chain so as to limit the damage of the operator’s leg? This chainsaw kit can help prevent serious or even fatal injuries so don’t skimp and look at offerings from reputable brands. Type C trousers offer the fullest protection and are perfect for workers in tree surgeon or climbing roles. You should also see our top 5 chainsaw pants as voted by our customers.

  1. Helmets with Built-In Communication Services

There are 2 main types of helmets, climbing helmets and ground helmets. A helmet protects your head while sawing. Helmets offer remarkable protection for your head against impact with a cut bar in the event of a kickback. The helmet also provides protection against serious injuries from falling debris or branches, though they are only effective against cut-through if the chain brake is fully engaged. Ground helmets should also have integrated face shields and hearing protection for total safety.

  1. Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw gloves should have cut proof special fabric protection like that of chainsaw trousers, though it should be only at the back of the left hand. History has shown that most injuries associated with chainsaws occur at the back of the left hand. Since it is vital that these gloves are flexible this limits the amount of padding they can have. They are still an essential piece of equipment.

  1. Chainsaw Jacket

The chainsaw jacket should have pads of cut-retardant material that are designed to reduce the severity of injury to the body parts covered by pads. Jackets should have special fibers within the pads to provide layers of materials designed to rip apart when they do come into contact with a moving chain. Arbor jackets are designed to reduce the chainsaws rate of cutting and eventually stop it. This piece of chainsaw safety gear is not as popular due to the excess warmth they give but they are growing in popularity.

  1. Chainsaw Shirt

A chainsaw worker should also wear a chainsaw shirt. A long sleeved shirt is highly recommended for proper safety. The shirt should have at least 7 layers of tough material sewn into the collar, sleeve and shoulder areas to prevent falling branches from penetrating the shirt. This keeps your upper torso safe whilst cutting.

  1. Goggles or Visor

Goggles or a visor decrease the chance of chips penetrating your eyes. Even a simple mesh visor with imperfect coverage of the face could be considered acceptable since the chips produced are relatively uniform in size. Some chainsaw users prefer goggles the choice often depends on the environment and the climate. A visor provides better ventilation and fuller face protection.