The latest free top apps for android to download

Google Play Store had many vast arrays for Android app at the offer and it can be overwhelming for some people. There are different categories which include news, social networking, productivity, video and photos with many more options for top apps for android.

Stagefright detector: if you get worried sometime about the security of your phone, there is a new vulnerability known as the Stagefright that was discovered. It is used to send the malware as MMS message to the phone by the hackers. However, the same hackers also produced the app that shows the user of the phone if he is vulnerable or not so that he can upgrade his phone. The new app is called Stagefright detector app and it is the app that will scan the android phone and it will suggest the upgrade or the update of the mobile OS.

Yahoo Livetext: even if there are many types of video chat apps at Google Play store, this comes with a twist. This app helps the people to video chat but without the need to talk. You can send the message when you are in the meeting, library or classroom. You will be able to send the video chat and there will be no sound. Even if it may not be the app for every person, it gives the opportunity of talking to someone with only smiles-offs.

Accomplish: this is among the top apps for android that will help you to do some simple tasks and it will help you to remember some important tasks before time. You can drag the task into the to-do list and have a Day view and you can have the fun while doing this.   Even if the app may not have too many features, its design makes it easy to plan out the day in the advance.

Genius: if you have forgotten some lyrics to the song you like. There is the android app known as genius and it was released for the iOS before. It breaks the lyrics down and it makes everything entertaining through line by line annotation. A new app lets the user search for the down vote annotation and upvote. However, it does not let the user to create or to edit these annotations. However, there are new updates that are expected to reach to the market anytime sooner to improve the app.

Microsoft translator: this is the translator app that it is produced by the Microsoft. The app can do everything that you may have expected to have. It is capable of translating the voice into 50 different languages and it comes with the built-in support for the android wear which means that you will not have to worry having to take the phone out every time especially if you are travelling.

Snowball helps to manage the message with the incoming notifications. You can tell the snowball things that you wish to see and what you do not want to see and this means that you may receive the notifications that you are looking out for. The app brings the apps and the SMS in just one place so you will be able to reply to your friends faster.